The music of Portable Folk Band has occasionally made it's way into major-production films and documentaries such as "Weekend at Bernie's 2" and "BBC 2 presents Courage: A Cry for Help?".

While this has proven great for us, both in terms of exposure and income, we've regrettably left the independent film maker "out in the cold" with the restrictive terms of our "general public" license.

Therefore, we'd like to offer this "Portable Folk Band Potential Use Pack", which contains 9 instrumental tracks in lossless wav format, free to be used for monster beat drops, transition music, videothings, sampling, etc. The shorter tracks are all cropped and ready to be looped, if you're into that type of thing.

1 [mp3] [wav]
2 [mp3] [wav]
3 [mp3] [wav]
4 [mp3] [wav]
5 [mp3] [wav]
6 [mp3] [wav]
7 [mp3] [wav]
8 [mp3] [wav]
9 [mp3] [wav]

Everything: [directory listing] [zip]

If you end up using any of these, please do let us know.
Sun Aug 27 2006
Rerererere- 08/27/2006
Hey dudes! What's up? Seen any huge airplanes take off lately? Yeah, me neither....

Welp, we just finished up playing live shows for a bit, and in the meantime, we're settling in for a good 'bout of recalibration, reconsideration, relocation, and most importantly, recording.

So when like Voltron, we'll have some of those helicopter pilot headphones (to hear instructions clearly and simultaneously mute propeller noise), and we'll also have the propellers to match. And sturdier , less deer-like legs. And less of this mollasses-mouth.

In the meantime, I dunno....feel free to check out Tinysongs, featuring songs typically under 40 seconds long.

In closing, I'd like to quote the words of a young man from Sylva, NC: "Fucking shut up and play something!"

Stay safe,

Thu Jul 27 2006
Tours, etc.

Haven't said anything in a while here, so I'm just gonna blab a bit about what's going on. We're going on a lil, iddy-biddy tour this weekend - hitting both western and eastern upstate New York. In mid-August, we head down south - Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia - you know, the works. We are preparing a new song for our next Philadelphia show - the one at the Tritone. After that, we will not be playing any Philly shows for at least a couple of months. We're gonna work on a bunch of new songs to ensure that we don't play the same 8 songs forever. And that's it! So - if you have any questions, if you'd like to rent out a warehouse to Nat and Mark, or if you'd just like to say hello, feel free to email us:


P.S. In case you were wondering, today is July 27, 2006.

Yep, all the dates on the news page are wrong. But, that is not really newsworthy. Just wanted to say that nobody is living in Florida anymore. We are playing a few shows in May, and hopefully, there will be a lot more going on in the upcoming months.
Tue Feb 7 2006
Merch and Tour
So, I made a merch page. Mark will probably make fun of tables or something, but I think it will do for now:


I also started posting the confirmed tour dates (along with our local show that is exactly one month from today). If you have any leads for cool places to play in between Philadelphia and Florida, drop us a line.


After much adu, is back up. We had many fun adventures while the site was down. The axle on the van broke outside the Holland Tunnel, we..uhh...drank some beers?

Damn it feels good to see people up on it.

So it's that time of year again.. Students are finishing school and Shopping malls across the country have transformed themselves into arenas for fist fights and empty promises.

you know what i want for christmas? socks and long underwear.

you know what i'd want if my survival didn't depend on staying warm? new Portalbe Folk Band merchandise and a vacuum robot.

did you know we're playing more shows yet?

Sat Nov 5 2005
RSS Feeds!
Hey! This shit is pretty cool! An RSS Feed for Portable Folk Band shows is now available. There's a link on the shows page, but I thought it was newsworthy.

Now, go get a Personalized Google homepage, and put that shit on there! (Questions about what the hell RSS is? Click.)


Fri Oct 28 2005
Sat Oct 22 2005
friends and annelids
Incase some of you don't know:

there has been an increasing excitement brewing around here about the hot lil run of shows we have set up for the first weekend of November.

I think I've given everybody enough time to mark their calanders and if need be, tell "The Man" to get off their backs.

Check out the Shows page!!

<3 Ian

Tue Sep 27 2005
In the meantime... wanna check out what some of PFB has been listening to? Maybe?


Mark! Get down on the tip. Collection of data, charts, et cetera!

Florida is warm, full of bad drivers, no music, and uncatchable lizards. In Philly, there are dogs to find.


You guys ever host a server at your little brother's house? Sometimes servers get unplugged to make room for mini-fridges, or...uh...iTunes, or Duke Ellington.

I could see getting unplugged for any of those things.

Sat Aug 20 2005
Shows & Reviews

Two shows before Nat & I go down to live in Florida. Also, here's some links to some recent reviews: and indie workshop.


Sat Jul 9 2005
At long last...
...after a collective total of 6 deer ticks, a member of PFB has finally contracted Lyme's Disease. Congratulations, Nat!

Additionally, we've got a few shows in the Philadelphia area before we settle down for another full winter of recording, featuring: Mark and Ian in Philadelphia, and Nat and Shelly in Florida! (it's the internet!)

Stay lucid, and watch Portable Folk Band lose friends, gain friends, contract diseases, and adapt to circumstances!

Tue Jun 21 2005
Watch me do this!
Mailing list is easily accessible ! Shelly is 23!
Tue Jun 21 2005

Now I'm older!


P.S. Did you know you could sign up for the mailing list by scrolling all the way down this page and filling in the little form jobber? Very Fancy.

Sun May 1 2005
Sun Apr 24 2005
- Is the Hubble Telescope's 15th birthday.
- Shelly still has a fever.
- Mark has been living for 24 years and one day.

Please celebrate the two appropriate milestones.

Mon Apr 11 2005
CD For Sale / For Free

The new CD is now available online to buy for $5.75 (including shipping) or download for $0. Click here to read a bit about the CD and/or get a copy.

Tue Mar 29 2005
New York State

This weekend, the wonderful state of New York will be hosting hundreds of shows. We'll be playing two of them. Check the shows page!

Tue Feb 15 2005
Rhymes Galore

I threw up some pictures. Though we are obviously doing the "rock out," it will quickly become apparent that such is not being done with any manner of "cock out."

What would I say if you told me we should maybe only put choice pictures up there to make us look more professional and fifty-fucking-pictures from some house party looks amaturish?

I'd tell you to get ready.

for something.


Sat Jan 22 2005

Dear Everything,

Wed Jan 19 2005
Showz, etc.

So, we had a show the other night at Ye Old The Fire. It was pretty boss. Anyway, that's not important now. I have some grander news to behold on to you.

On Saturday, Feb 12th, we'll be playing at show at The Fire with the likes of The Teeth and Apollo Sunshine.

I don't know about you, but those are both bands I'd be dropping 24 karet lucky horseshoes to go see. So. yes. do that.

As noted: just because we're pretty doesn't mean we won't fucking knife you for not showing up to that shit.

Your Pal,

Fri Nov 12 2004
New Years Eve show added. Ian Collins drumming. Fun times! -Shelly
Tue Oct 5 2004
Drummed at.
Portable Folk Band is hard at work making trash drums sound like good drums. Sooner or later, it will be far too cold to think about anything else. --Nat