Sun Aug 27 2006
Rerererere- 08/27/2006
Hey dudes! What's up? Seen any huge airplanes take off lately? Yeah, me neither....

Welp, we just finished up playing live shows for a bit, and in the meantime, we're settling in for a good 'bout of recalibration, reconsideration, relocation, and most importantly, recording.

So when like Voltron, we'll have some of those helicopter pilot headphones (to hear instructions clearly and simultaneously mute propeller noise), and we'll also have the propellers to match. And sturdier , less deer-like legs. And less of this mollasses-mouth.

In the meantime, I dunno....feel free to check out Tinysongs, featuring songs typically under 40 seconds long.

In closing, I'd like to quote the words of a young man from Sylva, NC: "Fucking shut up and play something!"

Stay safe,